Selene Nestor

COO/Managing Director/co- founder

Born in Juarez, Mexico, Selene Nestor's journey to success began early on. At the age of 13, she and her family relocated to the USA, where her dedication to excellence was evident from the outset.

Pushed by her parents to strive for greatness, Selene quickly became a prominent bilingual student, excelling not only academically but also as a standout mathlete. Selene's academic prowess continued to shine as she attended the University of Colorado Boulder, where she earned her degree and honed her skills for the professional world.

Her drive and determination have always set her apart. As a testament to her capabilities, she has been exceptional in every professional role she has undertaken. Today, Selene proudly serves as the Regional Manager at Image First, a testament to her work ethic and leadership skills. But it's her role as the Co-founder of the Hispanic Restaurant Association (HRA) that truly highlights her passion and commitment to advocacy.

Under her leadership, the HRA has experienced rapid growth, establishing itself as a national voice for the Hispanic restaurant industry and the broader hospitality sector. With her vast experience and strategic vision, Selene Nestor continues to be a beacon for excellence in the industry, advocating for the education and elevation of others, and representing the best of both her cultural backgrounds.